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girlwholovesthebanjo requested a picture of Jotun!Loki looking at Peter with shock while he holds Peter, and realizes the kid isn’t afraid of him.

 Peter is just like “Enough of this depressing nonsense! *boop*”


caroline-angel-of-the-lord requested a picture of Domestic Avengers at the zoo (and it was her idea to have Peter feeding the giraffes and Thor roaring with the lions!).

As you can see I began to kind of lose it by the time I got to Loki.. (also his expression kind of bothers me because I feel like I’ve seen someone draw it exactly like that before but I can’t remember where or maybe I’m just going nuts @A@)

Anyhoo I hope you guys enjoy it~ 


jazzandrajah requested Baby Peter and Clint perching up high and causing some mischief~ (which is exactly what the two love doing! :D)

So Steve and Tony are out, and they decided to leave Peter in the hands on Clint again (they didn’t learn from the last time  that it’s not a good idea). And so, now the two are having some Uncle-nephew quality bonding time ;P


atrackerjackerstungme requested some Spiderman and Deadpool, so here ya go~
Spidey is just a liiiiiittle shy though >w< 

And for the note; his dads ARE watching XD 


Doodle time!

Steve had to go out on an assignment, leaving Tony in charge of their new adopted son, Peter. Unfortunately, Peter now knows how to crawl and seems to enjoy getting messy whenever his poor dad isn’t looking :P 


Making this requested drawing reblogable (if you guys want I can start doing that to the others as well :P)

This was a requested drawing from superhusbandslove :)
Tony and Steve are out and it’s up to the rest of the Avengers team to look after baby Peter! D: