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Anonymous inquired:
starscream, #6!


I tried, some palettes are just really hard to work with for me D:


The Aerialbots, everybody. They fly together, they get thrown through time together.

In case you think Silverbolt is the stupid one: The reason the other Aerialbots got into this situation in the first place is that they believed Starscream when he told them he wasn’t a bad guy - after he shot at them. They aren’t the smartest kids in town.

From the G1 Transformers Episode “War Dawn”.


Windblade #3: Windblade vs Starscream

Appreciation for everything. Their dialogue. The art. All of their interactions this issue were fantastic.

Easily my favorite part, and Windblade #3 is worth buying for these scenes alone. <3

Go buy the comic already if you haven’t. :D


I needed to try scribble Bay-verse Starscream.

The details on these guys, man, it’s gonna take a while to get that right. It’s like, what the hell is going on with your legs, I don’t even.

Commission: Seekers in Shower by *doubleleaf

Seekers from Transformers (Skywarp, Thundercracker, Starscream) in human forms.


There are plenty of things to fear, but my biggest worry is that something will happen to the little ones. They’re our only hope of restoring the glory of the Decepticons.

…but frag do I hate the feline.


Your enthusiasm disturbs me, human. You do know what slavery would entail, right? It won’t be a pleasant experience. At all.

Look at his body language, its so over the top haha