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*The party scene in Wolf Moon where Scott starts to wolf out*
Dylan: This made The Soup and Tyler Hoechlin was really the first original Joel McHale on this, because when they were shooting this scene at the first rehearsal I believe, he comes running in to me like, unable to even speak he was laughing so hard.
Hoechlin: I was crying.
Dylan: He was telling me that they were doing a scene right now where Tyler [Posey] has to start turning into a wolf, and it looked like he...
Hoechlin: He looked like he was, uh... having too good of a time too soon, is what it looked like.
Colton: Something happened, yeah.
Hoechlin: I think it took me 15 minutes to bring that up to Dylan, and then another 10 to bring it up to Jeff and Tyler [...]


I finally finished watching season 5 of Supernatural…. Let me sum all of my feelings up….







I will now stop, momentarily, obsessing so I can get some fucking sleep.