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My favourite moment in the series.

#it’s just so awesome to see a young woman surrounded by men who are earnestly interested in her opinion #esp. on *ships* #do you know how often i see women get shut down when they try to join in discussions on cars #but they’re all like #”nah this girl knows her shit” #”let’s talk to her about it” #i mean they SHUT DOWN A GUY ASKING HER TO DANCE BECAUSE SHE’S *TALKING* (via dropkicks)

Is no one going to mention that she is doing all this mechanic speak wearing a frilly pink ball gown? I mean could you slap gender roles any harder in the face?

there are some things I really appreciate firefly for. 

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“The man’s psychotic!” (1x01 ‘Serenity’)

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Behold my Nerd Armory!

Freddy Krueger Gloves (Deluxe and cheapo versions)
Tron Data Discs (2 electronic Blue, 1 electronic orange and 1 frisbee)
Star Trek TOS Tricorder and Communicator
Sonic Screwdrivers (10, Future 10 and 11)
Harry Potter 3D glasses
Wands (Voldemort, Lupin and Elder Wand)
Jayne’s Hat
V’s Mask
Assassin’s Creed Hood/Scarf
Captain America Shield
Thor’s (Foam) Hammer
IronMan Wrist launcher
An axe fashioned to look like the head of an Alien Queen, which isn’t technically a prop/toy but was too cool not to include 

I remember when you bought the IronMan Wrist launcher..and I proceeded to shoot the “bullets” across the room. Good times!