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There are plenty of things to fear, but my biggest worry is that something will happen to the little ones. They’re our only hope of restoring the glory of the Decepticons.

…but frag do I hate the feline.

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Your enthusiasm disturbs me, human. You do know what slavery would entail, right? It won’t be a pleasant experience. At all.

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Well, you are… correct in believing I am the parent of some. … Are you one of the creepy humans trying to figure out how we spawn?

I refuse to spew such intimate information, it could endanger our chances of rebuilding our population anyway! A bird, pssh.

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Ah, well. I’m not sure how both of those aft-heads made it out of the heavy conflict intact, but they are reportedly online and stationed elsewhere. They can be colossal pains, but I suppose I miss having them around to share all the work. \Sigh./