Where's all the Hooligans?

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The cinematic trailer was so badass, I couldn’t contain my fangirlsm.
Also I love that they brought assassin buddies and skirt-like designs back :heart:

DA version


the year is 2070
‘grandma why are you frowning like that whats wrong’
malik wasnt in revelations thats whats wrong

Assassin’s Creed concept art


Hath God said, Ye shall not eat of every tree of the garden?

Happy Desmond Appreciation day, tumblr.  :)  Although Aveline’s classic look is with her pointed hat, I like equipping her with the more traditional assassin hood in the game, hee hee.


Blue flames, for a change. Spirit of Justice.


Assassin’s Creed + Ghost Rider Mashup - by Diana da Costa